To open with a quote from a review of her sell out production 'Burst' performed at Henley Fringe Festival - "Liz Mente-Bishop is an outstandingly talented actress"
With her extensive emotional range and versatility, Liz has the ability to perform anything on stage from complex and challenging dramatic roles such as psycho-analyst Paula Heinmann in 'Mrs Klein' to the light hearted fun classic 'Allo 'Allo, when she delighted her audience playing Michelle Dubois. And not to miss out the middle man, her performance as Nancy in Nell Dunn's award winning comedy/drama 'Steaming' was, and again I quote, "Played at first with great comic timing but then as something deeper and more meaningful, her transformation was both utterly believable and heartbreakingly beautiful." Her character's don't even need to be human as her favourite one of all is the futuristic robot T4, her performance receiving the review, "She excelled even her own high standards as the T4 robot"
Liz's talents transfer extremely well to screen, having appeared in many films, creating characters of stark contrast, notably; the strong willed overbearing mother in the comedy 'T.Time' and the sweet and vulnerable Evie Harris in 'Visionaries'. 
Liz has been a regular guest on BBC radio Oxford since 2010 and has appeared on BBC1's '101 ways to leave a game show' and Sky Atlantic's 'Devil's Dinner Party'.
Playing age 35 - 45
Height - 5ft 6in
Hair - Dark Brown, short
Eyes - Green
Build - Slim


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